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Transforming Pencil's Go-To-Market website

As Pencil entered their next growth phase, their primary goal was to enhance its Go-To-Market website for elevated, global reach.




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Web Design
Webflow Development
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Build to Launch: 8 weeks
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About the client

Pencil, a creative AI software, generates ads for e-commerce and CPG brands. It’s a solution that delivers double the ad effectiveness at a fraction of the time and cost. Pencil helps brands discover winning ad ideas, accelerating their marketing efforts simultaneously across various digital channels. They serve global brands like Unilever & Bayer and digital & creative agencies worldwide.

Challenge accepted

Pencil was acquired from BrandTech, a leading marketing technology group helping brands worldwide do their marketing better, faster and cheaper with the latest technology. As Pencil entered their next growth phase, their primary goal was to enhance its Go-To-Market website for elevated, global reach. The objectives were: to refine the brand identity for a cohesive web and marketing presence, restructure content across the site for better user engagement, and improve sales funneling to cater to the target audience effectively.

Our strategy

Rebranding for Impact

We embarked on a journey to revitalize Pencil's online presence. The makeover included a fresh logo and a new brand color scheme to set Pencil apart in the competitive landscape. The website redesign put Pencil’s creative ad generation tools front and center, showcasing a broad spectrum of enterprise ad samples. This strategic move was aimed at drawing in more enterprise clients by highlighting the robust functionality and value of Pencil’s offerings.

Enhancing User Experience

Understanding the target audience’s roles and challenges was key. Through meticulous research, Noco identified the essential needs and preferences of ad managers, buyers, creatives, and marketing teams. This insight informed the website’s architecture and content strategy, ensuring an intuitive and engaging user journey. A significant part of this strategy was simplifying the customer journey. A visually engaging “How it Works” page, complete with video tutorials, demystified Pencil’s tools for users. Meanwhile, an “Ad Library” showcased the software’s capabilities through a variety of ad samples, reinforcing its value proposition.

Visual Communication

Noco tackled the challenge of communicating Pencil’s complex features through a simplified visual style. Custom graphics, tailored to the needs of different user groups, replaced raw product screenshots. This approach not only made the website visually appealing but also ensured that the content resonated with the intended audience.

Driving Conversions

Conversion Rate Optimization was a focal point of the strategy. Noco introduced an innovative end-of-page navigation feature, encouraging users to explore further without disruptions. Strategic placement of CTAs throughout the site, designed with compelling language and eye-catching colors, significantly improved user engagement and action-taking.

The results

The results speak volumes. In just a month, Pencil saw a 68% increase in web traffic. This remarkable growth is a testament to the effectiveness of the rebranding and optimization strategies implemented by Noco.

Our approach to transforming Pencil’s online presence was both strategic and user-centric. By focusing on a comprehensive rebranding, simplifying the customer journey, employing a visually appealing design, and optimizing conversion rates, we delivered a website that not only looks great but performs exceptionally. The success of this project underscores Noco's ability to understand and meet the needs of technical buyers and marketing managers, paving the way for future collaborations.

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