Webflow Guide

In this topic we will cover everything Webflow related. What is Webflow? How to use the Editor? What is a collection and how to change elements on the page.

Webflow Introduction

A couple of points we are going to discuss:

Step 1

A client's guide to the Editor

Step 2

Managing page settings

Step 3

Creating and Managing dynamic content

Step 4

How to publish changes

The Editor

With the Webflow Editor, there’s no complex dashboards or disconnected back end — just you, your website, and the content you want to change.

Noco - Webflow Editor

In this video we will explain how to use the Editor in Webflow.

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3 mins

Managing page settings

From within the Pages Panel in the Editor, you can manage vital page settings like  SEO meta title and description ,  Open Graph title and description , and  Open Graph image . You can also manage  page password protection settings  for static pages and  RSS feed settings  for Collection pages.

To access the settings of a page:
  1. Open the Pages tab in the Editor panel

  2. Hover your cursor over a page in the list

  3. Click on the Settings button that appears

Managing page settings
Image source: www.webflow.com

Creating and Managing dynamic content

If you have Collections in your project, you can access them in the Editor through the Collections tab. The Collections Panel lists all your collections. Clicking on a collection opens a new tab titled the name of the collection. This tab contains all Collection items within that Collection.

Creating and editing content

You can edit existing items by clicking on them or creating new items by clicking the + New button and filling out the item’s various fields.

Creating and editing content #1
Image source: www.webflow.com

When you’re done entering content or updating fields, you can choose to:

Create a new item or save an existing item. It will be staged to publish and go live on your site next time you publish it.

Publish your item right away (without waiting for the next site-wide publish to take place).

Save as Draft if you aren’t quite ready for the item to go on the live site.Cancel to discard changes.

Creating and editing content #2
Image source: www.webflow.com

How to publish changes

You can either save your changes as a draft, or publish it directly to your website.

How to publish changes
Image source: www.webflow.com