Figma Guide

In this topic we will cover everything Figma related. What is Figma? How to use the Workspace, and how to comment on specific objects.

Figma Introduction

A couple of points we are going to discuss:

Step 1

The Figma Workspace

Step 2

Export assets from Figma

The Figma Workspace

Inside Figma's workspace you'll find the ability to comment on objects, start a discussion, tag people and export assets. In the video below we will cover everything.

Noco - Figma Guide

In this video we will explain how to use Figma.

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2 mins

Export assets in Figma

Export your designs or images from Figma when you're ready to share them with the world. Export settings let you to customize how Figma exports your assets. This allows you to define what you want to export and how you want to export it.

To access the export settings
  1. Select the asset(s) you want to export by clicking on them in the canvas or in the layers panel.

  2. Right-click on the selected asset(s) and choose “Export” or go to the “File” menu and select “Export”.

  3. In the export dialog, you can choose the format (PNG, SVG, JPG, etc.), resolution, and whether to export individual assets or combined slices.

  4. Click “Export” and select a location to save the file.
    Note: You can also export assets from the Prototype mode by selecting an asset and using the “Export” option in the context menu.

Export assets in Figma